5 Fragen an: Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer

Fachschaft und Studiengangleitung haben sich gemeinsam fünf Fragen an Dozierende des Studiengangs überlegt, die Studierenden die Gelegenheit geben sollen die Dozent*innen ein wenig besser kennenzulernen.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bauer – Webseite der EUF

1. How did you decide on your field of study?

Since I have more than one I focus on film studies. I have been a movie-goer since I was a growing up and always wanted to learn about cinematography, but when I started to study there was no film institute or seminar. So I had to wait until I got a Ph.D. to see such an institute established – and I had the great luck to be invited for collaboration. So I started writing about film and still find this as exciting as pleasurable.

2. What was your best KSM seminar topic to date, and what would be a desirable topic for a future KSM seminar?

Hard to tell. So my general answer is: I feel comfortable when the students do not only pick up the issue but add further information and start researching on their own. The best feedback one can get is to arouse interest and ambition.

3. What book has particularly influenced you, or is a must read?

1. Michail M. Bakhtin, The word in the novel; Umberto Eco, Opera aperta; Wolfgang Iser, Der Akt des Lesens; Nelson Goodman, Ways of worldmaking, Sorry, but there are so many more I could name, at least: Spivak, Can the subaltern speak?

4. Is the glass half full or half empty?

Depends on the beholder and I would always tend to affirm that it is half full.

5. Looking back from your own experience, what advice would you give to your former student self?

Do never accept an advice that do contradict your ambitions and convictions.