Praktikumsbericht Hejskole Logumkloster Denmark

von Sayed Milad S.

From 01.02.2022 until 30.04.2022 I did an internship in Hejskole Logumkloster/ Public School Logumkloster in Denmark. Hejskole or public schools are boarding schools in Denmark where a lot of young people from Denmark and around the world are living together. Furthermore, folk high schools are a type of residential schools for adults that is standard in Scandinavian countries and has also been popular elsewhere in Europe. The folk high schools are offering different short- and long-term courses including music, literature, Scandinavian lifestyle or Nordic living, Ceramics, Gardening, etc. For me it was a great experience to live and work as an intern in Denmark and especially
in a public school for three months. I was working as a Modern Danish Literature teacher and had my own individual classes; also, I was engaged very closely with the international students which was a wonderful experience for me. During three months of internship, I have gained a great experience of teaching and have learned a lot about the recent teaching methods and an immense knowledge of the public schools and their concepts and existences in Denmark, on the other hand, the practice of being with a huge number of people from different cultures, regions and ages was really tremendous. We had deep talks about the current issues of our world, cultures, food, new trends, etc which I really learned from.
I was attending two times per week in the teachers meeting as well once per week I had a session with my internship observer, during the meeting if both parties had questions or issues both would have been asking and finding solutions. At the same time, there was a very strong teamwork and I was supported by the whole team during my internship period. The administration team was very cooperative during the time of my internship, they were helping any time I needed to. The principal of the school is a very open minded and warmhearted personality which I really enjoyed working with her and I appreciated her valuable instructions . She was monitoring every step of my work but at the same time giving me the freedom to be able to work independently.
Finally, throughout the internship, I have also learned many things about Danish culture whose benefits are far beyond what I could learn on a normal trip. In short, I would like to thank the university of Flensburg -Erasmus project, and I strongly recommend the internship recipient institution for the students who are willing to do an internship in the future.