Orientation for International Students

Dear Incoming Students in KSM, this is a post that concerns you / the International Center asked me to share with you:


Dear International Student,

welcome to the Fall Semester 2020-21.

We the International Center are organizing an “Orientation for all new International Students” event on Thursday the 15th of October at 17:00. This event will be hybrid, face to face for those students in Flensburg and online for our students that are still abroad.

Please send me an email to incoming@uni-flensburg.de

  1. Confirming if you will join Virtually (so that we can send you the link).
  2. Confirming if you will come physically because you are in Flensburg (then we can tell you the time and room number).
    1. Are you coming from a risk area?
    2. Have you been in Flensburg longer than 14 days by the 14th of October?

We will:

  1. Meet the other International students (Physically and Virtually)
  2. Go over the 5 steps: All the official things you need to do upon arrival in Flensburg
  1. registration at the citizens‘ office,
  2. bank account,
  3. health insurance,
  4. matriculation and
  5. residence permit
  1. Introduce the Campus Engel as well as the Media Team
  2. Present the integration and extracurricular activities
  • “Moin Flensburg!” (weekly program)
  • “Cooking Chef”cook together virtually!
  • „Discover my country“
  • “International Celebration”
  • “Europa Macht Schule”, bringing Europe to the classroom
  1. Have a Questions and Answers session about non-academic issues:
    1. Visa or resident permit extension
    2. Financing your studies
    3. Working in Flensburg, etc.

We are looking forward to meeting with you!