Einladung zum HEURIST Workshop

Invitation to a Workshop on Database usage for text analysis (Heurist)

The question of historical truth and its media representation is a crucial topic in our world today. As historical representations in media are becoming more engaging and influential, it is our task to question transnational historical representation and discourses of commemoration in media. The transnational project DIREPA DICOME is dedicated to record and outline representations of Europe’s past in online media and between different European countries and their discourse on memory and the past. Everyone interested and especially media students are cordially invited to participate in the following events: 

Two workshops organised by Zakarya Després from the university of Cergy-Paris, France, will introduce the online database and management tool for digital research objects heurist which is used to collect data for the project DIREPA DICOME. Heurist aims to logically structure and link the diverse intertwined research data better, while also providing a detailed individual view of this data and generating an automatic evaluation. Students will get insights into the software program and acquire competencies in analysing online media.

Both workshops will take place online via webex.

First workshop: Overview and introduction

Monday, December 7, 12:00 pm

Second workshop: Exercises and in-depth knowledge

Thursday, December 10, 8:15 am
Thursday, December 17, 8:15 am

Both workshops will provide skills to conquer the vast media landscape and open up new perspectives and critical discussions. As the project is based on cooperation, we are happy about anybody who wants to join!

At a later stage in this project there will be additional events dedicated to the topic of transnational commemoration which reflect upon national and European commemorative cultures. The aim is to engage in critical analytical thinking and to foster exchange and a European scientific community.

If you have any questions – or to receive the meeting links – please contact DIREPA DICOME.